Monday, November 12, 2012

SCRAP ART: Creative Reuse Exhibit

"Materials, like people, have the potential for multiple destinies..."
Megumi L.  Inouye

"I search A r T: Repurposed Gift Wrapping"
By Megumi Inouye 
SCRAP ART: Creative Reuse Exhibit
December 1-January 9 2012
Arc Studios and Gallery
San Francisco 

I'm not only honored but excited to share the news.  My gift wrapping artwork was selected to be a part of the "SCRAP ART: Creative Reuse" Exhibit!  I had fun converting old mailing envelopes, ledger paper, maps, recycled catalogs and file folders into wrapping bows!  I want to encourage everyone to visit the gallery and see the show as it will feature many other San Francisco Bay Area artists who repurpose materials for their art.  It's going to be an inspiring exhibition to get everyone thinking about reusing materials in a new way!  Let's show our support to the exhibition organizers SCRAP, a non profit creative reuse center in San Francisco whose existence breathes new life into old objects and reduces waste by diverting over 200 tons of materials heading to the landfill every year!   Hope to see you at the preview reception for those in town!  (A special thank you to my husband Doug who helped me with the challenging task of mounting my boxes to a frame which too was a Scrap purchase! )

Featured Works of Friends in the Exhibition 
Don't miss seeing.... 

Monica Lee's Book Cake 
Dorothy Yuki's Map Centerpiece