Friday, September 7, 2012

Wrapping for New York's Fashion Week 2012

"Fashion like Gift Wrapping is a visual language expressing the inner soul. "
 Megumi Inouye 

Yelp's Fashion Night Out in New York

When I was invited to gift wrap for the fashion world's editors, writers, designers and producers attending Yelp's Fashion Night Out in New York on September 6, 2012, I had an opportunity to reflect on what fashion represents and how to "wrap"with this intention in mind.

I pulled out my favorite wrapping material - old sewing patterns. I love the look and light and airy feel of the slightly vintage faded sewing patterns.

Handled with creativity, there is great potential for a second debut. So much that can be done with them!  (See my Workshop on wrapping with sewing patterns)  

As I started to mold them into circular, floral shapes, they made a statement without needing words. The sewing patterns represent the framework of  fashion - the work, the detail, the engineering behind the glamour and this is what I thought to honor in my gift wrapping for New York's Fashion Week 2012.

Inside the Box

Want to know what's inside the boxes?  Yelp's pick of small, locally handcrafted New York Chocolatiers include Nunu and Li-Lac.   I love the Nunu shop story about becoming a chocolate-making exhibit in Paris at the Brachfeld Gallery in the Marais in Paris, sharing the artistry behind chocolate making.  Li-Lac Chocolates has been in the West Village in New York since 1923 and still make their chocolate in small batches. The handcrafted quality of these chocolates truly mirrors what I aspire to achieve with my wrapping.

Fashion Inspirations Found in San Francisco

I'm so often inspired by FASHION designs and concepts for my gift wrapping ideas found right in my own backyard in San Francisco.

A sleeve or pleat detail discovered at San Francisco's Fine Arts Museum's "Pulp Fashion: The Art of Isabelle de Borchgrave" was made into wrapping paper made from recycled paper.
The wire cage dresses designed by Jean Paul Gaultier at the De Young Museum's"The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From Sidewalk to the Catwalk" begs me to rethink the notion of exposing rather than concealing a gift.

On the Horizon: Be on the lookout for what comes out of the newly created Fashion Incubator in San Francisco.My friend Jeanne Allen is the Executive Director and she is working together with the Designers in Residence to turn inspired concepts into one of a kind apparel creations.  The collection debuts this month.  I'm sure some part of it will wind up on my gift box! 

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