Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Gift of Handmade Inspiration

Celebrating the last days of 2012 December with a cold.  Wrapped in a blanket with some tea, I'm going through the trailers of the creative artist instructors on CreativeBug.  Their stories reveal the soul behind the craft works of the "makers" and so beautifully shot that it's not only a visual treat but like a good book, it brings you into another world, a new way way of seeing things, inviting you to take a journey into the magical world of handmade creativity.  I invite everyone to treat themselves and explore taking up a new craft in 2013-- learn to knit, sew, embroider or book bind as I plan to do.
Start with the free classes being offered for a limited time on Creativebug.com to get started.  Just a sampling.... I have a free class going on as well.

Paste Paper with Courtney Cerruti
Luminaria Candle Shades with Kelly Wilkinson

Repurposed Bow with Megumi Inouye
Embroidery Sampler with Rebecca Ringquist

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  1. Hello from Toronto,

    Love your gift wrapping style! Exquisite! Have to take one of your workshops next time I visit SF.