Friday, June 14, 2013


"Move Slowly and Mend Things.."

The validation for my love of repurposing, wrapping, packaging and things hand made was validated at my daughter's High School Graduation Commencement. 
A speech made by Lick Wilmerding High School instructor Rebecca Hong asked us all to pause and reflect often, sharing a message to "Move slowly and mend things...(the antithesis of the Facebook motto of "move fast and break things") because as she pointed out" there is much in the world that is worth noticing, worth keeping and worth fixing". She asked everyone to consider our individual and collective impact on others and to act in ways that are to the best of our ability intentional and good.  She associated leading a meaningful and fulfilling life to embracing the difficult- yes, the difficulty that comes with worthwhile pursuits, the difficulty of slowing down and caring deeply and the difficulty of commitment. Equally she wished upon the seniors the pleasures of the difficult- the sense of purpose and the sense of connectedness that comes with doing the right things.  She concluded, "it's the difficult things that require you to move slowly and more deliberately but its the difficulties that will keep you from sleepwalking through your lives."

While I'm certain gift wrapping and packaging or even repurposing materials was not on her mind when sharing her profound thoughts, it spoke to me about why I treasure the art of using our hands and heart to "wrap" an intention, a thought, a sense of gratefulness that needs expressing and why even the careful selection of materials matter. It's a time consuming gesture when time is so limited but a worthwhile process that initiates intentional reflection. It allows our consciousness a moment to think of what we are doing and for who and for what purpose.  It requires you to "move slowly".

In celebrating this special moment in my daughter's life,  I'm grateful for the message shared by Rebecca Hong as it conveys what I too value. To my daughter Maddie who is our peacemaker -- Take the time to reflect always and appreciate your impact on others. "Move slowly and mend things" along the way.  There is importance, energy and significance to the thoughts and intentions behind one's actions and like gift wrapping, HOW we do things shares equal importance to WHAT we do or give.


Made Slowly with LOVE

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