Saturday, November 28, 2015

Gratitude and Empowering Youth

100 Japanese High School students from the disaster affected areas of Tohoku Japan came again this year to the University of CA, Berkeley for an intensive summer program on global leadership and community planning, service and engagement.  It's my now fourth year involvement as an Instructor and this year Program Manager for Y-PLAN (award winning educational strategy to engage young people and schools in city planning and policy making) Softbank Tomodachi Leadership Program. The opportunity to teach is a blessing. The ability to foster confidence in students victimized by a natural disaster to become agents of change in their community is what keeps me continually inspired by Y-PLAN, ultimately transformational for both students and teachers.


Incorporating intention and art into the program offering for students is a personal joy and mission and this year I organized a Gratitude Art Workshop where reflections of gratitude were reflected in an "of the moment" 100 Thoughts of Gratitude Installation and hand made cards for host families. 

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