Thursday, December 10, 2015

Holiday Gift Wrap: Creatively Sustainable

Join me in supporting the Community Programs 
@ Ruth's Table in San Francisco
Saturday March 12, 2015

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"Art is for everybody. I like to include people who haven't yet developed their creative side—people yearning to let their creativity out. I like designing projects that make people feel safe, not afraid to get
involved." —Ruth Asawa

I still recall with fond memory years ago sitting around the table with Ruth Asawa making holiday ornaments with paper.  She had a way of making any art experience warm and welcoming and despite her being a world renowned artist, never making anyone feel incapable of creating or making.  I, like many others, owe my place in the creative world to her who allowed us the comfortable space to be creative in our own way, unafraid to be adventurous and daring with our hands and heart.

Ruth’s Table creates a place for people of every age and experience to enrich their lives with art.

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