Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Letting Go

“Learn to let go.  That is the key to happiness.”
                                                               The Buddha

This past month was defined by the experience of finding peace in “letting go”. Just as I was preparing my daughter’s move to Portland for college, (theme of “letting go” starting to make its presence) we had a house fire.  Luckily no one was hurt and our house, with the exception of my studio, was left for the most part unharmed.  

As my fellow crafters and artists can surely understand, its difficult to put a value amount on the things we create, the tools that enable our creativity and the materials we spend our lifetime collecting.  We only know it means a lot to us. What I want to share in the aftermath of this unfortunate situation is what I learned from a Buddhist Reverend during an anniversary memorial service held for my mother who passed away twenty four years ago.  (Love you Mom!) 

We honor the things we lose by letting it go with gratefulness for what it represented and gave to us.  We give meaning to it not in sadness or mourning but in our reflections and continuous appreciation of its memory.  The Reverend asked us to thank our mom daily for all she gave to us and continues to give us in her absence.  She is bringing us together and looking out for our wellbeing.  She continues to live on. 

It’s in this spirit that I replay my CreativeBug Trailer with gratitude for what was beautifully captured in those few minutes - the heart behind my studio space, what I do and who I am.  It’s a source of comfort now while I await for what was taken away and now in the process of recovery and restoration.  As I contemplate a new vision for my space and determine a direction for my gift wrapping work, I sign off with words of reassurance..

“You only lose what you cling to.”
                            -Gautama Buddha- 

I'm embracing “letting go” and leaving room for meaning in new sources of inspiration.  I look forward to sharing what transpires and transforms from the ashes of this journey. 

THANK YOU to all our friends who brought meals, invited us
to dinner, shared words of support and offered to replenish supplies.
You are Gems! 

With gratitude for the many wonderful things created in my studio 
With gratitude for my husband Doug who built
this custom 'wrapping' station for me from recycled wood.
A new beginning.... to be determined

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