Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Gifts from Unexpected Places

A huge box arrived unexpectedly from a childhood friend (we met in first grade) who read about
the house fire on my blog.  Out came piles of sewing pattern paper, threads, string, papers, notions and all things repurposed to replenish what I lost.  I was so emotionally overwhelmed!  No wrapping but pure good, heartfelt intentions.  I want to somehow bottle that feeling I felt when I opened the box and capture and infuse those emotions into my wrapping.  How can this be consistently achieved?  Wish I can be a conduit to bestow that kind of emotion to people - will be a lifelong attempt.  Thank you to my friend June who so captured the essence of a true gift.  I am slowly getting my things back and putting my studio back in order now in time for the holidays.

for a gift that truly touched my heart!

My First Grade Class Photo
Can you guess where I am? Third Row 5th over.
My friend June is in the Second Row5th over.
Thanks for sending this June.
I loved first grade and so glad I met you! 

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