Saturday, May 9, 2015

Feeling Spring "Wrapping" in Japan

"What is the use of a package if its shows no feelings?"
-Hideyuki Oka

In "How to Wrap Five Eggs", Hideyuki Oka poses this simple but profound question. This question both inspires and haunts me in the never ending quest to both recognize and execute packaging that provokes feeling.  

I recently returned from a trip to Japan where I had the wonderful opportunity to give a lecture and workshop on repurposing materials and gift wrapping in Japan through the 

Felissimo is one of the largest direct marketing/lifestyle goods companies in Japan.  It was through being hosted that I came upon the true meaning behind this quest.  Wrapping and packaging is an attention to detail. The quality of the details determines engagement and feeling: I was invited to a lunch and joining me were Japanese artists that were instructors in various art genres at the school. To my surprise, I came to the table with lunches gift wrapped in cherry blossom pink material!  This is truly a Japanese experience. It provoked a sense of joy and feeling of welcome that I will never forget. Thank you Felissimo! 

Luncheon inspired by the Cherry Blossom Season
Wrapped Lunch Boxes 

Meeting Japanese Artists 

Enjoying lunch in Kyoto 
Thank you for everything to Megumi Higashi
Head of Felissimo's Shiawase Gakko! 

Sushi that evokes both  "feeling" and culinary delight.
A visual and tasteful experience to be remembered!

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