Saturday, May 9, 2015

Pochibukuro "Little Bag" Revisited



中川政七商店 : めでたぽち袋 | Sumally (サマリー)
Pochibukuro in Japan is equivalent to the Chinese Red Envelope.  Its an envelope that is used to give money away often for celebratory occasions.  There are so many designs of envelopes sold in Japan for this purpose.

For my workshop in Japan, I introduced the idea of making one's own Pochibukuro imparting a special hand made quality to their money gift giving.  Using old sewing patterns and instruction sheets, we made envelopes with a floral accent.
Idea for a Hand Made Pochibukuro
Equally suitable for gifting a special note or gift card! 

Everyone loved working with old sewing patterns not often seen in Japan 

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