Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Fall Birthdays

Not sure what it is about the winter months but it definitely facilitated many fall birthdays in my life circle (including dogs) 

My dog Rue turned three along with three of her other dog friends
Herby and Mocha who celebrated fall birthdays.
Dogs get wrapped presents too around here. 

Chicken Jerkey for Rue from her dog friend Herby
Fresh Homemade Chicken Treats for Rue
from her dog friend Mocha

Dog Cupcakes for Mocha
Happy Birthday

Dog Treats for Rue and her friends
 homemade by her "Mom" -thats me.

The Book "A Letter to My Dog" is a must read. It shares
personal stories of how dogs have touched the lives of their owners.
I gave it to my brother who lost his beloved Siberian Husky this year. 
Mocha, Rue and Herby at Fort Funston

My daughter Maddie turned 18 and her friend Paige 
sent her 18 gifts with 18 memories attached. 
Loved this idea. Wish I thought of it myself.

18 Gifts and 18 Memories to Share


My son Michael is a September baby.
It won't be the same without him having one of
my repurposed bows to mark the occasion!

Michael Turning 21
celebrating at Marc Hopkins Hotel
San Francisco

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