Saturday, November 30, 2013

Tribute to Thanksgiving (2013)

Thanksgiving never gets its proper MOMENT with Christmas holidays making its debut earlier every year. December is the month for Gift Wrappers but I wanted to give Thanksgiving its due recognition. Happy Thanksgiving with gratitude to my family, friends, dog Rue and fans of wrapping!  Special thanks to my husband Doug who is working hard overseeing construction so that I can have my studio back in December.  

                      So nice to have the family all together again. Back home for the holidays... 

Keeping my table centerpiece simple 
My temporary Wrapping Studio sharing space with the dining room

Thank you to Aileen for the beautiful dried flowers!
They were on my table but found its way on a gift box of simple thoughts of gratitude.
Thanks to Shirley for the fabulous crumpled art paper! 

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